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Incense Palo Santo White Sage|Smudging|Cleansing Incense Palo Santo White Sage|Smudging|Cleansing
Incense Palo Santo White Sage|Smudging|Cleansing Incense Palo Santo White Sage|Smudging|Cleansing
Incense Palo Santo White Sage|Smudging|Cleansing
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Completely natural incense of Palo Santo and white sage, approx. 15 sticks.

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Smudge or clean your home, a room object or yourself with these handy incense sticks made of Palo Santo (holy wood) and White sage. A delicious and widely used combination in cleansing rituals and energy work. White Sage helps to remove negative energy. Palo Santo helps to attract that wonderfully positive energy again. A fantastic combination!

This incense is completely natural incense and 1 pack contains approx. 15 sticks. They are made by hand with a lot of love and attention, without the addition of synthetic fragrances or chemicals, and no charcoal has been used.

About Palo Santo:
This Palo Santo comes from the aromatic Palo Santo tree, also called the bursera graveolens, and comes from Ecuador. There, only pieces of wood that have fallen off the tree or branches that have died are collected. After this, the wood has to mature for 4-10 years before the magical scent is released. In this way, the trees themselves are spared, as they now have a protected status.

Purifying your home or yourself with Palo Santo is a beautiful ritual. For those who are familiar with my live meditation and relaxation session, know that I am a big fan of Palo Santo. After all, I use it by default before the sessions. Palo Santo has been used by shamans for centuries in purification rituals, because it is attributed a healing effect. It is said to chase away bad spirits and has a beneficial effect on body and mind. Palo santo is used for colds, flu, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, stomach pain and rheumatism and can have a beneficial effect on this.

About white sage:
Smudging or cleaning with sage has been done for many centuries, in various cultures worldwide. With the help of sage you can energetically cleanse your house, a room, an object or yourself.

Sage is best known for removing negative energy from anything it comes into contact with. By burning sage, you create a thick smoke that can be used for cleaning. And be warned! There is a lot of smoke, a lot. To properly clean an object or (part of) your house with a sage ritual, you also need a lot of smoke. The fact is that the negativity is dissolved in the smoke. In fact, research has shown that burning sage removes 94% of the bacteria in the air. Bizarre, right ?!Turns out that crazy "spiritual ritual" has been found to be true by science too!

Cleaning with sage is especially good for cleaning a space, such as a room or even an entire house. Make sure to fill the room with as much smoke as possible to clean it properly. While burning the smudge stick, you can say a little "spell" or intention to clean the room. When you're done, leave the room as it is (well filled with smoke, for about an hour). Leave the doors and windows closed. Logically, it is best to leave your house for a while because of the smoke and the intense smell. When you return, open all windows & doors, and the smoke and the negative 'vibes' will flow away. The fresh air that comes in helps to clean it even more.


  • Palo Santo
  • White sage
  • Benzoin resin
  • Crushed tree bark
  • Bamboo stick

Want to know more about cleansing rituals? Check out my blog!

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